Find Car Tyre Size

Need a quote from us, but you’re not close to your vehicle and can’t recall your car’s Tyre Size? Well, we have a quick look-up where you can find car tyre sizes for just about any make of vehicle.

The good chaps at Unitrans have a comprehensive list of all the latest (and a whole whack of older) vehicle models, with a massive amount of data, including the information to find car tyre size for your car, bakkie, SUV, 4×4 etc. Unitrans - Find Car Tyre Size

 How do I find car tyre size for my vehicle?

It’s actually quite easy, simply click on the Unitrans link above or here.

  • On the Unitrans site you will see a comprehensive list of vehicle manufacturers.
  • Select your vehicle manufacturer and then your model.
  • This will open a page with just about everything you would ever want to know about your car.
  • Scroll to the bottom of the page where you can Find Car Tyre Size for your specific vehicle.
PLEASE NOTE: Mufasa Tyres has no influance over the accuracy of the Unitrans data, and merely provide a link to their site so that you can see the size of tyres that your vehicle originally came out with.
We take absolutely no responsibility for incorrect tyre sizes ordered based on this information.
If you want to make absolutely sure, please check the tyre size on the sidewall of your tyre, as depicted below.

Find Car Tyre Size