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Tyre Quote In less than 30 seconds you can request a Tyre Quote (and Batteries) online!

We all know that time is money, so we’ve set up this page where you can request a tyre quote, featuring nifty drop-downs where you can select your Tyre Type (you can select multiple options by pressing the Ctrl button), as well as a pre-defined list of Tyre Brands (again, we allow you multiple selections). You can also request a quote for Batteries on this page.

So, complete the forms below to request a Tyre Quote, and be prepared to be dazzled by our excellent prices!

Please note that all fields (incl drop-downs and check boxes) are mandatory, apart from the Special Instructions text-box.

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Cheapest BrandAeolusBarumBF GoodrichBKTBridgestoneCatchforsContinentalCooperDick CepekDunlopExide (Batteries)FalkenFederalFirestoneGeneral GrabberGoodrideGoodyearHankookHeadwayHerculesInfinityKumhoMaxtrekMichelinMickey ThompsonNankangPirelliSavaRhinokingTandemYokohamaOther


Additional Instructions

From time to time we also have “flash” specials. These are specials where our suppliers provide us discount on certain sizes for a limited period. We pass these discounts on to our clients, and advertise these specials on Gumtree. Click on the link below to view all of our Specials:

Tyre Quote - Specials advertised on Gumtree


Tyre Prices are hugely dependent on the Rand/Dollar Exchange Rate as well as the Petrol Price.
Whilst we strive to keep our prices as consistent as possible, the 2 factors mentioned does affect our cost price.
This means that we have to update our prices on a monthly basis, especially on imported tyres.
The impact of this is that all quotes we send out are only valid for the month in which we sent you the quote.
Having said that, we are in constant price negotiations with our suppliers, always trying to broker the best deal for you, our valued customers.